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version of it, perhaps because our own academic history
is deficient in explanation and exposition, perhaps because
the scientific mind finds the schematisation and categories
of the Marxist more sympathetic to its own, and does
not consider that history may need patterns and formula-
tions which are sui generis. The Communist system in
much of its method, its missionary policy, its organisa-
tion, its thirst for orthodoxy, its authoritarianism, and
its severities (when severities are needed for the con-
solidation of its power)—above all, perhaps, in the Papal
insistence that all kindred systems should be in com-
munion with the new Rome—is almost frightening in
its mimicry of die Christian Church at certain periods
in its history. Armed with the Marxian historical
method, and basing its gospel on Marxist history, it
contains a sufficient degree of truth to enable it to stand
as a serious challenge to the orthodoxies of the world—
and to be perhaps the most formidable competitor that
Christianity has ever had to face.